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Video Text Overlay Unit with PC keyboard interface

& On Screen Scrolling Message Function

The RTCKBD-S unit is no longer sold.
Order RTCKBDBOX instead and ask for the RTCKBD-S firmware.

This unit features the ability to construct scrolling video text overlays from text typed on each of the unit's eight available screen pages. Each message can be up to the length of the entire screen full of characters. The text, and the scrolling feature, are stored when the unit is switched off and scrolling will restart when power is restored. The unit uses the standard UK or US keyboard key mapping, see the documentation. There is no facility to change to the keyboard mappings of other countries.

The RTCKBD-S firmware allows a PC keyboard to be used to create text overlays to annotate a video picture. The RTCKBD-S version does not have a counter interface. Instead it features the ability to create and display scrolling text messages. This is designed for use in ATV repeaters. For full details of the unit's operation please see the details and the documentation.

document Documentation

The message you wish to use can be composed either over the unit's internal video signal or live video. The time and date can optionally be displayed in addition to the message.

The RTCKBD-S firmware can be supplied programmed into either the RTCKBDBOX unit or RTCKBD board. Please email us when you make your order and advise us that you want the scrolling version.



flexible keyboard
A keyboard is not included. Order the FLEXKYBD item for use with these units.

To use the RTCKBD board you will need to make connections for the keyboard, video in, video out and power as described on the RTCKBD overlay board connections page.



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