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GPS - Depth - Water Temperature

Video Overlay Units Compared

Our GPS - Depth - Water Temperature video text overlay units provide a simple solution for marine survey applications where NMEA GPS position data needs to be displayed combined with the data from a separate NMEA depth / water temperature sensor. All the units feature a flexible text interface to allow the video to be annotated from a PS/2 compatible USB keyboard.

This page gives a quick overview comparison of the three models. For full details and to order please follow the links below to the main page for each model.





Internal GPS receiver

Use separate GPS receiver

Use separate depth sensor

Use combined GPS receiver / depth sounder

Keyboard text annotation

BNC connector version

Display GPS position

Display depth in metres

Display Temperature

*The GPSBOXKBD-XDT can be used with a single combined GPS / depth sounder unit if the DUALDB9 adaptor is used to split a single GPS and depth serial data stream between the two inputs of the GPSBOXKBD-XDT.


At the time you make your order we can provide one of two alternate character sets to the default standard character set. The character set cannot be changed by the user once units are delivered. The standard character set is suitable for a wide range of applications including those where small screens are used or viewed at a distance. The smaller alternate character sets can be more suitable for use with LCD panel displays.



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