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Precision GPS Time Video Overlay Unit

Frequently Asked Questions


On this page we try to answer some of the questions most frequently asked about the precision GPS time video overlay unit. If you have a question about the product after reading the documentation or if you require any further information please contact us: sales@pic-osd.com


GPSBOXSPRITE documentation

Q. Questions about supposed GPS errors and error correction, effect on timing accuracy, etc.
A. Please read the GPSBOXSPRITE3 documentation. This explains how the unit reacts to GPS error conditions. Thanks to the excellent error analysis of Oliver Kloes and others there is good understanding of these conditions. None of the errors are systematic or long lasting, less than 0.02 % of all timings. They are random, of short duration and can easily be detected from the unit's display. The GPSBOXSPRITE3 unit does not maintain its own clock and is therefore is not susceptible to errors at any single point in time. The time displayed is based on the continuous update of the data received from the GPS receiver and the 1PPS signal. Because the display is continuously updated, any random error in the data will be corrected by subsequent updates. The 1PPS signal, frame time interval, millisecond counter and NMEA serial data provide 4 independent timing references which allow errors to be detected when they do occur.
Q. General questions about setup and compatibility etc.
A. Please see Bruce Berger's excellent blog post about his setup for an example.

Q. Questions about either the old STVASTRO, GPSBOXSPRITE or GPSBOXSPRITE2 units, sold pre-2011, showing the incorrect date.
A. Please see our GPS-25 / 35 date error page. Please note this error does not affect either our current GPSBOXSPRITE3-U units or GPSBOXSPRITE2-U units.

Q. How many GPSBOXSPRITE3 do you have left? How long do you think they will last before you sell out? Can I still purchase a GPSBOXSPRITE3 unit? Etc.
A. We build the GPSBOXSPRITE3-U units in batches. Between batches we may temporarily run out of stock. We do not provide a running countdown for the stock of the GPSBOXSPRITE3-U. Stock is available when the item is shown on the products page. If you wish to make an order you should do so. We will make it clear on our website when the units are not available.



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